Varnish your boat

The perfect time to varnish the exterior is when the sun is shining

Is it easier to varnish bare or previously varnished wood?

Either is easy, but old or poorly applied varnish may need stripping first. Teak has properties that make it perfect for the marine environment, but its high oil/resin content makes it tricky to varnish successfully. Berthon’s microsite explains why it is better not to varnish exterior teak and suggests other solutions.


What is the best varnish type for exterior woodwork?

There are two types to consider: one-pack traditional oil/alkyd-based systems and one- or two-pack polyurethane-based systems. The choice depends on the wood type, what it has previously been varnished with, and performance expectations including durability, water resistance and ease of use.

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3 Is there a trick to a perfect finish?

As always the key to the best looking and longest lasting finish is mainly in the preparation. Berthon advises you to spend as much time as possible preparing the surface before applying the right product using the right technique in the right conditions.


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