Marex 360 CC

VIDEO: Marex 360 CC first look

The clever Marex 360 CC had its premier at the 2019 Düsseldorf Boat Show

We never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of the team at Marex; every time we think they’ve used every inch of space and eked out every possible idea they come up with something new to surprise us.

The latest 360 CC distills all their previous greatest hits and a fair few new ones into a single floating smörgåsbord of innovation.

The starting point is a brand new 36ft hull featuring substantially bigger windows above and below decks. As usual it’s available with single or twin engines on shafts or sterndrives so owners can choose their preferred mix of performance, efficiency and handling.

The bathing platform features a concealed tender davit system that folds out and swivels to help with launch and recovery but tucks out of harms way when not in use, as well as an aft-facing bench, bathing ladder and lockers pre-rigged with hooks for fenders, lines and shorepower cable.

The cockpit is another gadget-lovers paradise with seating for 10 around a large table, canopies on curtain tracks that slide out from concealed lockers in the hard-top mullions, twin sliding sunroofs and a central galley in-fill that flips up to create the largest worktop area you’ll find on any sub-40ft boat.

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What’s so clever is that none of these things feel frivolous, flimsy or complicated; they are as simple as they are effective. The sunroofs, for example, are manual but so well engineered that they slide effortlessly back and forth far more quickly and reliably than electric ones.

A single helm opposite a navigator’s bench means three forward-facing seats while an opening section of the windscreen gives safe and easy access to the foredeck without having to shimmy along the sidedecks.

Putting all the living space up top leaves the lower deck free for two cabins featuring unusually large comfortable double beds and plenty of storage but little or no seating space, plus a single but very generously proportioned bathroom and shower stall.

There is so much going on that you really have to watch the accompanying video to appreciate just how many clever little details there are.