Best pontoon boats: Latest models cover a wide variety of styles

Our US correspondent Elliott Maurice explains the burgeoning popularity of pontoon boats and takes a look at some of the newest models on the market...

A dominating factor over the past few years in the US boating market has been the rise of the pontoon boat.

The first pontoon boat is believed to have been created back in 1952, when a farmer from Minnesota tied a wooden deck to a pair of surplus WW2 bridge pontoons, leading to the first production pontoon boat named The Empress.

The result may not have been very stylish but it was a stable, spacious, low draft platform that could be adapted for any number of different uses.

Today’s pontoon boats still possess those same qualities but have evolved into far more sophisticated party platforms that now dominate the market for inland and bay-based boating across the US.

11 of the best pontoon boats on the market right now


Manitou Explore 24

The pontoon boat powered by a Stealth outboard

An innovation in pontoon boats, the 24ft Explore features the new Rotax Stealth outboard available in 115hp and 150hp options, the latter producing top speeds in the mid 30mph region on this boat.

The Rotax outboard’s ultra-slim profile is created by its horizontally mounted rotary motor, which looks more like a sterndrive and boasts a 20% fuel saving over an equivalent conventional outboard. Mounted under a 4ft long flat bathing platform there is no evidence than an outboard unit is even fitted to the boat.

This means a completely flat platform from stem to stern, removing the obstacle of boarding from the water having to negotiate a large outboard motor. It also places the propeller well forward of the boarding area making it immediately safer.

Starting at a shade over $76,000 for the Manatou Explore 24, it is a premium product with a quality interior at an excellent price point. If performance is your primary concern, you can still opts for a 400hp Mercury Racing outboard for top speeds in excess of 50mph.

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Premier 330 Escalante

The ultimate party pontoon boat

Could this be the ultimate party platform on the lake? This tritoon has its all. 33ft5in long and 10ft wide, this two-deck boat accommodates 22 people in supreme comfort.

Starting from $225,000 and easily customisable to over $400,000, options range from a full wet bar with ample refrigeration, to performance engines up to twin Mercury racing 450hp outboards.

A giant playground for both kids and adults, this boat is all about fun. The 16ft high upper deck features seating for six and a waterslide, while the lower deck boasts three separate lounging areas, with the aft shaded by the upper deck and a forward sunworshippers lounge with chaise lounges.

Colour changing LED lighting both underwater and throughout the boat and a high-powered sound system, transform the Escalante into night club-rivalling boat on the lake or dock.


Pinecraft Brio 210 – 2S

Best eco fishing pontoon boat

The Brio is the electric-only option from the large range of pontoon boats built by Pinecraft. They’ve taken a solid and proven twin hull aluminum hull and layout and added a zero-emission option (meaning it can be used on lakes where combustion engine boats have been outlawed), all at a budget friendly price.

Using the Torqeedo 20hp electric outboard, the system offers fast charging, optional extra battery modules and a 48v solar panel array for charging. This makes the Brio an excellent shallow water fishing platform with the ability to cruise all day without worry.

The layout features dedicated rod storage, live bait well and twin fishing chairs on the bow platform and ample seating for up to seven people.

SeaDoo Switch

Best pontoon boat/jet ski crossover

Launched in 2021, the SeaDoo Switch range of pontoon boats was an immediate success. Starting from just under $22,000, the Switch was so successful; they immediately commanded a 2-to-3-year wait time.

These Rotax-engined jet toons are available in three sizes, from 13ft-21ft long. Using handlebar controls, the Switch is akin to driving a jet ski and very easy to operate.

Unlike a conventional tritoon, the center hull is larger than the outrigging hulls, so the Switch heels into turns giving it a more conventional ride on the plane. Most impressive is the interior that, much like a large Lego set, can be quickly re-configured to an owner’s needs, with only the helm console being fixed.

With a large inventory of options of removable seating and options like cool boxes, each model can be reconfigured to suit anything from watersports to fishing.

Power options up to 230hp can easily cope with tow-sports like tubing or water skiing, rated for up to 10 passengers depending on size. This budget friendly concept is both unique and easy to own, with trailer launching particularly simple, as the closed-cooled engine can be started out of water.


Bennington QX Sport

Best luxury sport pontoon boat

Completely sold out for 2023, with boats now sold well into 2025, the success of the Bennington QX Sport is easy to understand. Starting at $350,000, the Sport combines the QX line’s premium quality with a more sporty propulsion package.

For example, high spec boat using Mercury Racing’s new 400hp V10 outboard will propel this 28ft tritoon to over 60mph at a cost of approximately $400,000. Despite that 10ft beam, it boasts surprisingly sporty looks to match its speed.

Standard features include a massive high-end zoned sound system, controlled by via the helm-based touch screen, RGB lighting, quilted upholstery with stitched emblems, Billet aircraft grade aluminum fittings, a huge top access cockpit refrigerator and custom Roswell wake tower.

Looking more like a jet fighter than a pontoon boat, the Bennington QX Sport is as much an object of desire as it is a premium boat.


Sun Tracker Sportfish 24 XP3

Best fishing pontoon boat

Starting at $53,000 equipped with 150hp Mercury Outboard, the Sportfish 24 will manage mid-30mph performance, and with an extra 10mph available from the 250hp option, this new Suntracker is priced and equipped competitively from the get-go.

At 26ft2in, the Sportfish is rated to take up to 12 passengers. The only options are a fishing package that includes a remote-controlled trolling motor, Lowrance MDF with fish finder and GPS, cockpit cover and a trailer.

Standard features include a 16-gallon live bait well, dedicated rod storage, Bluetooth sound system and twin bow mounted fishing chairs. The Sportfish cockpit readily accommodates seven guests on two comfortable sofa style seats with plush padding, while the aft sunpad has room for two more.

At $65,000 including all options and trailer, the new Sun Tracker 24 XP3 makes a compelling package as a day boat and inshore fishing platform.


Bennington QX

Best luxury pontoon boat

At the high end of the spectrum, the Bennington QX offers performance and luxury in equal measure. The starting point is a 23-30ft aluminum trimaran hull, available in a choice of 8ft 6in or 10ft beam, that supports a spacious deck capable of accommodating up to 13 people. This can be ordered in multiple color options or with a complete custom paint job.

The deck itself is fully configurable with everything from a refrigerated bar area with ice maker, sink and BBQ, to chaise lounges, rotating bucket seats and stowable tables.

The options then move to interior colors and quilting options with the fit and finish to compete with any high-end luxury yacht builder. Other options include underwater lighting, color-changing cockpit and feature lighting, and a hydraulic sport arch.

Flatscreen electronics with engine integration are standard and high-end stereo systems can be specified to suit even the most discerning audiophile. Power options range from single outboards up to 600hp on the 8ft in beam, or twin outboards engines up to 900hp on the 10ft beam model.

The fastest versions can easily reach speeds in excess of 75mph, and prices start from just over $100,000 to more than $400,000 for an ultimate spec package.


Harris Crowne 270 SL TE

Best all-round pontoon boat

Still at the high end of the pontoon boat world, the 29ft Harris Crowne is available with up to 800hp on tap from a pair of Mercury Racing outboards.

Although falling into a similar price range as the slimmer of the two Bennington beam options, the option of twin rather than single engines provides a little more security as a saltwater proposition as well as a more road-friendly narrower beam.

Optional hydraulic jack plates on all engines allow for more secure handling in open water by dropping the engines lower in the water at the touch of a button. With the engines raised it also draws a mere 15in, giving the Harris the ability to sneak into shallow bays and creeks.

With outstanding quality and a huge range of customizable options, a Harris Crowne fitted with twin 300hp Verados giving it a top speed in excess of 55 mph starts from just under $290,000.


Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 20 DLX

Best fishing pontoon boat

With a starting price of just under $30,000 with a 90hp single outboard, this easily trailerable fishing pontoon boat provides excellent value for money and proven reliability.

Opt for the full $40,000 fishing package and it also includes a full road trailer as well as an almost silent electric trolling motor, fish finder, GPS, aerated livewell, rod holders, dedicated fishing chairs and removable table and stereo system, making the Sun Tracker arguably the best way for 6 people to enjoy a day’s back bay fishing.


Bennington 25 RX Sport

Best watersports pontoon boat

The 28ft 2in Bennington 25 RX Sport is available with single Mercruiser sterndrive power options from 300hp to 430hp rather than the usual outboard engine.

With a capacity up to 17 people, depending on the layout, a highly specced example will cost upwards of $275,000. There’s more than enough speed for barefoot skiing and its multiple sun pads and chaise longues offer the ideal sunbathing platform.

A 8ft 6in wide bathing platform allows for easy boarding and the Bennington 25 RX Sport can be optioned with everything you need for a full day on the water.


Tahoe 2585 Grand Tahoe QL

Best cruising pontoon boat

The Tahoe offers the best all-round features to make it an excellent cruising pontoon boat. With a single Mercury Verado 300hp outboard, the Tahoe tops out at around 45 mph, with an effective range of just under 160 miles at 15mph.

Starting at just under $110,000, the Tahoe can be specced with innovative lifting strakes on its three hulls that help promote an efficient cruise and soft ride. The Tahoe is brimming with standard equipment but the few upgrades you’ll need to cater for cruising include an electric roof, Garmin MFD and ottoman cooler.

Even allowing for all those upgrades you will end up with change from $125,000, so it’s hardly surprising that Tahoe’s flagship is a favoured touring pontoon for family and friends.

Why are pontoon boats so popular?

The significant upsides of the pontoon boat design are a very shallow draft, low wetted area (allowing for impressive performance with relatively low power) and a very stable, flat ride.

The fastest recorded pontoon boat Tooned In, a South Bay 925CR with twin 330hp Promax engines, achieved an average speed over a mile of 114mph back in 2013.

The luxury end of this segment has a number of manufacturers vying to create the perfect pontoon boat for its customers.

With prices ranging from just over $30,000 to north of $400,000, the level of performance and luxury can be tailored to suit any budget.

There are options for fishing, water sports, lounging at anchor and of course long-distance cruising – the 5,500-mile Great Loop from Florida to the Great Lakes and back has been completed on pontoon boats on more than one occasion.


Outboard power is the dominant option when it comes to pontoon boats

More focused examples of the breed include the fishing-orientated pontoon boats from the likes of Ranger and Sun Tracker.

These feature live bait wells, dedicated rod and tackle storage, electric trolling motors and ground anchors, providing the perfect boat for sneaking into shallow and hard to access fishing holes.

Even watersports enthusiasts are turning to pontoon boats. With very little wake and small turning circles, the pontoon boat makes an excellent and easy choice for everything except wakesurfing.


Easy-access sterns make pontoon boats ideal for watersports

The low wetted area allows for fantastic acceleration and any engine option over 150hp will give more than enough performance for tubing, wakeboarding or water skiing.

Although not offering the tracking of a purpose-built ski boat, high-end Benningtons or the more sporty M3 CRS Sylvan can offer plenty of towing power as well as drinks coolers, built-in grills, masses of storage for watersports kit and enough deck space for up to 8 people to lounge around in comfort.

The easy-driving and boarding characteristics afforded by these more sporty pontoon boats have carved out a new niche. And with such low drag characteristics, they also offer impressive performance and fuel economy – with a 300hp outboard on the transom, a 25ft pontoon boat can easily achieve 50 mph on flat water, while the fastest production pontoon boat, the twin 400hp South Bay 925 Supersport, can sprint from 0-30 mph in around 5.5 seconds and reach 90mph flat out.


Pontoon boats can be deceptively quick

However, it’s the sheer amount of deck space and amenities that can be packed into a relatively short hull length that accounts for the astonishing rise in the popularity of pontoon boats.

With copious amounts of sitting and sunbathing space, refrigerators, cooking grills, state of the art stereo systems, deck showers and more, they have become the party boat of choice.

It’s this unbeatable versatility along with reliable outboard power and relatively low purchase and running costs that has transformed the humble pontoon boat from a basic workhorse to an object of desire.



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