The MBY Christmas gift guide!

The MBY crew pick the products they’d most like to find under their Christmas trees this season in our Christmas gift guide

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Musto Yocto Packaway gilet £175

Musto Yocto Packaway gilet

We’re big fans of gilets at MBY as they keep the body warm without feeling bulky and can be worn as either an outer layer or under a waterproof jacket.

This one’s particularly neat as the whole thing scrunches up into a tiny bag sewn into the pocket when not in use. It’s available in either men’s or women’s cut in blue, black or navy. Contact

Seabob cam £800

Seabob cam

As if the Seabob underwater scooter wasn’t already cool enough, you can now order one with a built-in HD video camera to capture your exploits.

One lens points forwards to record what you’re seeing and another points backwards for the ultimate underwater selfie. Unfortunately, the quoted price is only for the camera – the Seabob itself adds another £8,250. Ouch! Contact

Aquapac waterproof case £24.99

Aquapac waterproof case

Every boat owner should have one of these in their inventory as it comes in handy for so many things; it’s designed to protect a mobile phone but they’re just as useful for cash, credit cards, boat keys or anything else you need to keep dry in a tender, on a paddle board or, heaven forbid, a liferaft. Contact

Riva phone cover €40

Riva phone cover

Is it just us or is this really quite cool? Admittedly, you may be pushing your luck trying to carry off a Riva-branded phone cover if all you’ve got is a knackered old Shetland 535 rotting away in the garden, but we’re all entitled to our dreams and this is as close as many of us will ever get to owning a real Riva. Contact

Torqeedo Travel 1003 CS £1,699

Torqeedo Travel 1003 CS

Your partner may be a little surprised to receive an electric outboard for Christmas but when they realise it means no more wrestling with that heavy, oily, unreliable, pull-start petrol outboard, they’ll love you forever.

With the equivalent of 3hp and a new longer-lasting removable battery, it really is a joy to use. Contact

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