Toy of the Month: Elaqua electric jetski makes all sorts of sense

Nick Burnham argues that choosing the 50-knot Elaqua electric jetski over a petrol-powered alternative is a no-brainer…

It’s not just about being more considerate to other boat users thanks to its near-silent electric motor; there are other good reasons to choose the Elaqua electric jetski over a noisy ICE version.

Firstly there’s no need to fill and carry cans of petrol. If you have a generator (and you probably do if you have a boat big enough to carry a PWC) you simply charge it from the mothership in about two hours.

Charging up from shore power is even quicker (just 30 minutes) and that will give you a range of about 80 miles. The 37.1kWH lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system will give a top speed of 65mph (limited to 55mph in the USA), but it’s the acceleration that will impress the most: 0-43 knots (50mph) in just 4.22 seconds!

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A 15.5″ 4K touchscreen includes access to Launch mode, which gives full power and full speed for experienced riders. Cruise mode is for sightseeing and travelling with a smooth ride and increased battery life.

And my favourite, Pristine mode, reduces speed and engine noise so that ‘you can move without disturbing your neighbours’. Fantastic!

Prices start from $16,500 and for that you also get a gyroscopic auto-trim system, JBL marine speakers and LED headlights. If you want to cruise even further, you can buy the Long Range model, which offers 25% more battery power for an extra $7,940.

Elaqua electric jetski specifications

LOA: 11ft 2in / 3.4m
Width (w/o mirrors): 4ft 1in / 1.24m
Stowage height: 4ft 2in / 1.27m
Weight: 700lbs
Power: 175hp ELAQUA Motor Core electric engine
Top speed: 65mph (limited to 55mph in the USA)
Battery: 37.1kWH
Range: 81nm
Charge time: 30 minutes
Starting price: $16,500
Long range model price: $24,440


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