Toy of the month: Fliteboard Series 3 takes efoiling to the next level

‘The purest expression of the ultimate ride’ is how Fliteboard modestly describes its new foiling electric surfboard...

Five versions of the Fliteboard Series 3 are available. The basic 5ft8in Fliteboard can handle riders up to 120kg, while the 5ft long Pro variant comes with more options, such as carbon fibre, foot straps and Dual Drive (more on that below).

The 4ft2in Fliteboard Ultra is the lightweight version and is available in the Ultra L version, which includes a taller 80cm mast (the tube that supports the board above the foil) for bigger waves or harder turns. And the 6ft Fliteboard Air is an inflatable version aimed at beginners, with a 60cm mast for easier handling.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also launched the Flitescooter, a 7ft version with handlebars, which is meant to be even easier to learn how to efoil.

Flite Jet is also new – it’s the smallest jet propulsion unit available. Smoother and quieter than a propeller, it’s also safer for swimmers and Dual Drive allows you to swap out the jet for a propeller, giving higher speeds and distance.

A new Flitecell Nano, claimed to be the world’s lightest Lithium E4 battery at just 6.2kg, charges in under an hour and gives up to 45 minutes’ ride time. Larger battery options up that to two hours.

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Prices for the Fliteboard Series 3 start from €9,995 for the basic model or the Pro. Three colour choices are available for the basic fibreglass model, or you can upgrade to carbon fibre for an extra €500, which gets you seven colour choices (as well as the strength and weight saving benefits of carbon).

The Air costs from €10,995 and the Ultra starts at €12,295, while the range-topping Ultra L will set you back €13,195.


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