Toy of the Month: The 35-knot Mo-Jet is five electric water toys in one

There are plenty of water toys on the market, some you can stand on, others drag you about and still more take you diving. The big news with the Mo-Jet is that it’s all of these things and more.

Using a modular system, you can swap out different attachments in seconds to convert your Mo-Jet into various things, from a ride-on electric surfboard to an underwater scooter.

You can choose to attach different modules to create a 4ft bodyboard, a 7ft inflatable board or even a 9ft rescue board.

The heart of the German-built and Kickstarter-funded Mo-Jet is a remote-controlled propulsion module that requires no maintenance.

Fitted with an 11kW electric waterjet, it can be charged in 75 minutes and offers up to 30 minutes of run time.

If that’s not enough, you can buy a spare battery and swap it in when you run out of juice for more watersports fun.

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The Mo-Jet’s speed is about 35 knots and it’s got enough thrust to tow inflatable boat tubes, but arguably the most impressive stat is the acceleration – you can go from 0-27 knots in less than 3 seconds.

That’s enough poke to impressive even the most seasoned adrenaline junkies!

Mo-Jet specification

Length: 132-280cm (depending on modular nose attachment)
Beam: 60cm
Draught: 20cm
Weight: 22kg (ex battery) / 39kg (inc battery)
Power: 11kW electric waterjet
Top speed: 35 knots (planing) / 7.5 knots (diving)
Battery life: 30 mins
Charge time: 75 mins
Starting price: €11,500


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