Toy of the Month: Pelagion HydroBlade is the foiling tricycle of the future

You can’t buy one yet but the Pelagion Hydroblade is so futuristic it’s bound to be a hit!

We don’t usually feature new water toys that are still in the design stage, but we made an exception for this one because it looks like it belongs in a Star Wars movie!

What’s more, prototypes of the Pelagion HydroBlade are up and running and there is a real manufacturing facility.

The concept is an electric hydrofoiling high speed PWC that’s far more stable and thus easier to ride than many of the products currently on the market.

There are handlebars to hang on to and steer it, and the Pelagion HydroBlade sits on three points like a tricycle.

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The Pelagium Hydroblade weighs just over 100kg and will reach almost 40 knots apparently, thanks to twin electric motors with an 8kW peak and 5kW continuous rating.

Twin 5.5kWh batteries offer both a four-hour run time and a four-hour charge time courtesy of a 1,600W charger.

A handlebar phone mount gives access to music and navigation as well as a HydroBlade app to control performance, although the manufacturer suggests you fit a waterproof phone case to protect it!

Pelagion Hydroblade specifications

LOA: 11ft 6in / 3.5m
Weight: 104kg
Motor: 2 x 8kW peak
Top speed: 40 knots / 70km/h
Battery:  2 x 5.5kWh
Run time: 4 hours
Charge time: <4 hrs
Starting price: $18,999


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