Toy of the month: You don’t have to be an athlete to master the Flitescooter

The Flitescooter brings foiling fun to a much wider audience than just ripped adrenaline junkies. Nick Burnham explains why he’s on board with this new water toy…

Earlier this year I was at the Palma Boat Show, where fit young men were zipping around the marina with ease on Fliteboards – electric surfboards that rise clear of the water on a single spar connected to a hydrofoil.

A couple of days later I was anchored in a quiet cove, relaxing aboard a Princess F70 and watching someone wetly demonstrate that getting the knack isn’t as quick or as easy as those youngsters might have you believe.

So for those of us without the physique or the balance, Flite has introduced the Flitescooter.

It’s similar to the Fliteboard, although slightly larger at 7ft long, with an inflatable deck for buoyancy, comfort and stability. A Flitejet powers it, and the batteries give up to 2.5 hours of runtime.

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The crucial difference is that the Flitescooter has handlebars, complete with a thumb-operated speed control, giving you something to hang on to.

The resulting four points of contact make it far easier to balance when foiling. Prices start from €12,995 / £11,305 (ex. VAT and delivery).

Flitescooter specifications

LOA: 7ft / 2.13m
Beam: 2ft 11in / 0.88m
Mast height: 2ft / 0.6m
Top speed: 27 knots
Battery: Flitecell Nano
Range: 2.5hrs / 22nm
Starting price: €12,995 / £11,305 (ex. VAT and delivery)


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