Toy of the month: This underwater scooter proves two propellers are better than one

Two separate propellers are the big news of the Searover, the new underwater scooter from HGLTech.

The company says it improves power, stability and the rider experience, translating twin 1,500W electric motors into ‘super thrust’.

Three speeds are available, with 21.6km/h the claimed top speed – that’s just over 11 knots. Not fast for a boat perhaps, but when you’re being dragged through the water it’s plenty fast enough!

At a metre long and weighing 15.5kg, the Searover boasts endurance of between one and two hours from its 48V polymer lithium battery and it will quick charge in 2.5 hours.

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A 2.8 inch TFT screen keeps the user in the loop regarding speed and remaining range.

And it’s not just a surface toy, unlike some water scooters, the Searover will dive up to three metres below the surface, its GoPro action camera mount allowing you to capture the underwater experience.

Prices for the Searover underwater scooter start from £2,246 (approx $3,140).


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