Toy of the Month: Tiwal 3R folding dinghy is a pocket racing machine

The Tiwal 3R can be packed down into three bags for easy storage in your lazarette and then assembled in just 25 minutes.

The ‘R’ stands for racing – and this folding dinghy really is a proper little high-performance machine!

The spars are 90% carbon, the exoskeleton is aluminium, Harken & Ronstan supply the blocks, the tri-radial cut sails (there are two sizes to choose from depending on wind conditions) are from North Sails, and the total weight is just 55kg.

Despite this, the Tiwal 3R can carry a payload of nearly 200kg – enough for two adults or an adult and two kids.

Pop it up onto the plane and you have the potential of up to 14 knots of performance, which will feel like 100mph with your bottom just inches from the water’s surface!

There’s a choice of two sails: the standard Freeride sail is designed for more than 10 knots of wind, or if you want to sail in lighter conditions, then a larger sail is available as a $100 extra.

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The Tiwal 3R comes with a three-year warranty and prices for this top-of-the-range folding dinghy start from $8,800.

If that’s a little rich for your blood, the entry-level Tiwal 2 costs $5,700.

Tiwal 3R specifications

LOA: 10’6″ (3.2m)
Draft: 2’5″ (0.74m)
Mast height: 16’1” (4.9m)
Sailplan (Light): 77sq ft / 7.15m2
Sailplan (Freeride): 67sq ft / 6.22m2
Displacement (light): 55kg (121lbs)
Maximum load: 199kg (440lbs)
Starting price: $8,800


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