Toy of the Month: Reverso folding dinghy is collapsible but fast

Nick Burnham explains why the Reverso folding dinghy is like nothing else we’ve seen in this market before…

Folding sailing dinghies have been done before – we’ve covered the wonderful little wooden Seahopper sailing boat for example, which is a cute flat-nosed pram dinghy.

What the Seahopper is emphatically not, however, is a high performance machine. If you want one of those but you still need it to fit into a small space, then you’re going to need one of these.

Built in France, the Reverso is a portable sailing dinghy that is both seriously small and seriously fast.

By splitting the Reverso into four separate segments that ‘nest’ together, the hull can be collapsed into a rectangle of less than 1m x 1.5m and about 700cm tall – small enough to fit into a family car.

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Once it’s all been put together, which takes less than two minutes, you’ve got a 3.4m performance dinghy, weighing just 16.8kgs (37lbs), complete with a full carbon mast.

Wide and stable (the righting moment is apparently 200% more than a Laser), the Reverso folding dinghy can carry two people or be sailed single-handed.

The manufacturer claims to have seen a scorching 16 knots out of it, and judging by the YouTube video above, that’s entirely believable.

Prices for the Reverso folding dinghy start from €9,600.


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