Volt Metro electric folding bike review: Premium model can eat up the miles

Volt has a wide range of handsomely designed, high-quality electric bikes designed and built in the UK but the Metro is the only folding e-bike in the stable.

Straight out of the box, it’s immediately apparent where that £1,600 is going because it feels immensely solid and is dripping with top-drawer components.

The front and rear brakes are Tektro hydraulics, it has a soft and very comfortable Velo Plush saddle, a Panasonic lithium ion removable battery with either a 400Wh or 630Wh capacity and a set of Shimano Acera eight-speed gears. There’s even an ABUS frame lock built into the rear wheel for added security.

The upshot is that with the sophisticated componentry and 20in wheels you’ll struggle to find a folding electric bike that is more comfortable to ride.

It doesn’t have the compromised on-road sensation that some folders suffer from and it feels like a bike that you could easily cover decent distances on.

The battery feeds a 250W Sprint Tech motor discreetly mounted within the rear wheel hub that will propel the bike to a top speed of 15.5mph with electrical assistance for an eye-catching range of 40 or 60 miles depending on the size of the battery.

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In reality, I tended to ride the bike with intermittent electrical assistance depending on the terrain, which conserves battery life.

Assistance is controlled via an easily read LCD screen mounted on the handlebars, with various levels that can be adjusted depending on the gradient.

The compromise for this sophistication is that the Volt Metro is both bulky and, at 22.7kg with the battery fitted, quite heavy to lug around.

Even on a larger boat it would be quite an effort to move and store the bike and it would become tiresome if you were using it regularly.

If you use your folding bike infrequently to cover larger distances then the Volt Metro is a great option, but for a regular jaunt around the marina, or to collect supplies, there are lighter and more compact options that would be more convenient.

Price: £1,599
MBY rating: 4/5
Value: 3/5

Buy it now at Voltbikes.co.uk