Toy of the month: Yamaha goes upgrade crazy on 2024 Waverunner range

Yamaha has piled on the upgrades for its 11-strong range of Waverunner PWCs, coming to a bay near you in 2024…

Yamaha has upgraded almost all of its Waverunner Personal Water Craft for 2024, with nine of its 11-strong fleet featuring modifications and upgrades.

Chief of which is a new 1.9-litre High Output naturally aspirated engine which will be fitted to many of the new jet ski models.

Up 25hp and almost 100cc, Yamaha says it is ‘a quieter, more efficient engine, higher in power and offering more torque’.

There is also a brand-new seven-inch touch screen Connext® display with Security and Enhanced Drive Control Modes – including Economy, Towing, Performance, Comfort and Customisable Drive Modes – which will be fitted to all of the new FX models.

Yamaha’s Waverunner PWC collection is split into three categories. The Cruising range of larger vessels, designed for ‘exploration and adventure’, will get the new engines in its HO models.

There are also new colour schemes, from Dusty Navy to its Limited Edition in Black Solid with fresh new dark orange matte details.

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Sport is the high-performance series, featuring two sit-on machines plus a stand-up sled.

The SVHO model gets a new Deep Purplish Blue Metallic colour scheme while the GP HO gets Black Solid with Torch Red Metallic hull and Matte Bluish White details.

Finally, the single Recreation model, the restyled Jetblaster, is designed, Yamaha says, “for a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience”.