Yamaha Seawing II: Lightweight underwater scooter is our toy of the month

The latest in submersible sea scooters, the Yamaha Seawing II looks like a lot of fun and it’s small enough to take on a plane.

Licensed by Yamaha rather than built by them, the Seawing II is the latest in underwater toy draggery.

Twin motors will pull you to a maximum speed of 5mph (it feels faster than it sounds when you’re submersed) and it’s rated to a maximum depth of 30m (100ft).

Meanwhile, the 10ah lithium ion battery pack gives the Seawing II an underwater run time of about 40 minutes and recharges in 3 hours.

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The essential GoPro mount is present and correct and there’s an OLED display with battery level and gear indicator.

Best of all is the Seawing II’s small size and weight, at just 3.7kg it’s less than half of the range-topping Yamaha RDS 300.

You could actually take this on holiday in your hand luggage, but more pertinently, it’s brilliant for keeping aboard smaller boats.

Prices for the Yamaha Seawing II start from £999.99.

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