Day seventeen – Multi-cala´d (Monday 5th September)

The coastline around Cala dór is riddled with Calas (beaches) and coves to explore. EVen more exciting when the wind is picking up...

It looks like there´s a storm-a-coming and the wind was already starting to pick up when I went out to explore the south east coast of Mallorca this afternoon. Charles from Peters´Port Fairline in the marina very kindly took me out for a spin in one of the few boats here they haven´t sold yet and despite the chop, we poked our nose into lots of the anchoring hotspots that attract so many boaters to Cala dÓr.

Figuera was probably my best – a fishing harbour that´s managed to keep its charm despite the temptation of the white-washed tourist apartment. Then there´s Mondrego, a gorgeous sheltered bay with two beaches and a fir-tree backdrop. Then Porto petro, Porto Colom, the list goes on. Nowhere seemed particularly busy, althought the weather wasn´t the greatest, and we could manoeuver the boat with the greatest of ease in and out amongst the rocks.

In the very dim distance we could make out Cabrera Island, which Charles told me is a fantastic place to anchor to get away from it all. You need special permission, as the island is a National Park, but apparently it is very wild and ancient and has magnificent snorkelling. Oh, and a beach bar that sells beer. Very important. Can´t help thinking how great a RIB would be in these parts.

While we bumped around, we chatted about the changes happening with BA Peters and Fairline and how it might affect Fairline customers in the Med. Port Fairline has built up a real little empire in Cala dÓr and their customers have become a tight-knit community, going off on jolies around the island and turning to Charles and his team with any problems they may have with their boats or with the marina itself. Charles doesn´t know what´s going to happen, but is hoping that they won´t have to abandon the Fairline brand entirely as that´s what they´ve worked so hard to build up over the ten years they´ve been here. It´s one thing to hear industry developments on the grapevine, but another to see how it affects those out in the field.

Anyway, I digress. Cala dÓr itself is a fantastic marina and one that its residents see as the classier alternative to Puerto Portels. Charles told me that for a 42ft boat, you´re looking at about E14500 a year for a berth, which is steep. The marina is also 25% for visitors though, so makes an ideal stopover for anyone residing in a slightly cheaper marina (of which there are not many it seems in Mallorca).

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Spent this evening in Cala dÓr itself looking for tapas but ending up with omelette and chips and Emmerdale on the big screen. Was quite happy until I overheard some seven year-old asking his mum why that lady didn´t have any friends and slunk off back to the hotel to watch CNN. Sniff.

Hanging around the swish Yacht Club here tomorrow trying to get the news pages done for the mag, then up north to Alcudia on Wednesday. Was due to leave for Menorca, but the weather looks like it might make it a bit of a waste of time, which would be a shame as I think it´s one of my most favourite places in the Med.


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