Day three (Mon 22nd) – Falling in love with Cartagena

I´ve decided where I would keep my boat (when I´m a millionaire). The city of Cartagena is buzzy and chilled out at the same time and the marina is to die for.

I´ve had a bit of a car-based day today, which is very frustrating after being out on the water yesterday when the weather wasn´t half as good. Today the sun is out, the sky is blue and I´m desperately in need of some CDs after three hours of appalling Spanish radio stations.

Spent this morning in Almeria, which is an exciting place if a bit stinky (I think they may be going through some kind of binman strike. Either that or their sense of smell is severely deadened). Number one rule of visiting new places was achieved though – ALWAYS climb something. The big Arab fortress looking over the city seemed as good a place as any and gave great views of the port and the marina (which was so secure I had to take piccies through the railings. Looked very nice though and right in the middle of things.)

Am now in Cartagena, which is a fantastic place. The marina looks amazing in the sun, surrounded by hills and full of the bluest water I´ve seen yet. The trip up the coast so far has been a real eye-opener as far as changing scenery and marinas is concerned. Compared with those on the Costa del Sol, this one is so airy and open and tranquil. Apparently, it´s very hard to get a permanent berth though, so I won´t go on any more about how wonderful it is.

Met the Careys, a couple who have been here for four days on their Princess 45. They´re based in Gib, but are spending the summer just pottering about the Med. They´ve spent a lot of time anchoring around the Mar Menor, which I don´t think I´ve left enough time to visit, but they´re enamoured with the city too. Thumbs up for the marina staff as far as they´re concerned, finding a visitor´s mooring was very hassle-free (although they´ve just come back from Ibiza, so I´m sure finding a mooring anywhere would be easy in comparison!)

Should have left here an hour ago as am due in Javea tonight, but am having too much fun.

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Will be based in Javea for the next four or five days, trundling up and down the Costa Blanca, so any of you based around there, drop me a line.


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