Day twenty-six – French leave (Wednesday 14th September)

After a bit of a gap doing bits and pieces, I am back on track with my marina mission and am re-discovering the French Riviera.

I know I’ve left a bit of a gap since my last blog entry, which has caused some confusion (not least on the part of my editor, who has suddenly discovered my mobile phone number…). The reasons are varied: One – I was making the epic journey from Barcelona to Cannes, which involved boats, cars, trains and a lot of over-excited French students in a “sleeper” carriage.

Two – I spent a fantastic weekend with the lucky winners of MBY’s ‘Win a millionaire weekend’ competition. It really should have been ‘Win a millionaire weekend and get followed around by a camera-wielding journalist who will then blag as much luxury as possible on the way’, but Lisa and Harvey, the excited winners, didn’t seem to mind me tagging along. I met them off their private plane in Cannes, we took a trip out from Antibes in a fantastic Ferretti 830, then a meal in David Coulthard’s hotel in Monaco and a night in the E2000-a-night Cap d’Estel on Cap d’Ail (not me, obviously, I was in the 2-star down the road, but managed to make use of their hotel’s facilities the nest day. Shameless!) It was all rather good and far preferable than sitting in an internet cafe for two days.

Three – Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where I then stayed for the next night seems to be peculiarly devoid of any kind of technology, let alone the Cyber highway.

So, excuses over, here I am again and very happy to be in France. Am covering old ground a bit, but with my work head on this time, which puts a new spin on things. Have spent today at the Boat Show here in Cannes, trying to get rides on shiny boats and having some success, so more of that later in the week.

Start my exploration proper tomorrow, with a trip to Port Grimaud, and then will be pottering up and down the riviera till next Tuesday (My birthday, if anyone’s interested…). But have been won over so far by the coast, the boats and the marina staff I have spoken to (but then I AM journalist, so they might be on their best behaviour. But then they ARE French).

And have found nice internet cafe, so as far as the blog goes, I’m back on track.


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