Our detailed guide to European destinations.

EU member?




Ship’s papers

Ship’s registration papers.

Insurance certificate for third party liability issued either by an Italian insurance company, or a foreign company that has reciprocal arrangements with a recognised Italian insurance company. You must carry an Italian translation of the certificate. Check with your insurance company that they have such an arrangement, then ask them to send you an Italian translation.

Proof of VAT status.

Crew papers


Skipper will probably be asked to show an ICC.

VHF operators certificate.

Report to Customs?

Not necessary if arriving from an EU country. If arriving from non EU, fly Q flag within 12 miles offshore, and report to Customs on arrival.


At most marinas and ports in north; harder to find in south and parts of Sardinia and Sicily.


Readily available in most places. Usually charged for. May be shortages in south in summer. Sometimes two taps: one drinkable. Non-drinkable is aqua non potabile.

Shore power 220V AC

At most marinas.


Several brands of Italian gas. You can buy an adaptor in Italy to use with UK appliances.

Camping Gaz

Readily available.

Berthing fees

Some marinas, especially on the Riviera and Sardinia, are extremely expensive. Elsewhere can be cheaper than UK, and sometimes free.



Credit cards

Widely accepted. Can use in cashpoints.


Widely accepted.

Travellers cheques

Take in sterling.

Emergencies ­ VHF

Coastal radio stations monitor Ch 16. Rescue boats at all large harbours and most small ones.

Emergencies ­ phone

Police 113

Ambulance 113

Fire 113


Dogs and cats require a certificate of health issued, in both English and Italian, by a UK vet , and proof of vaccination against rabies.

Dialling code to UK

0044 then the number, omitting the first 0.

Telephone boxes

Use coins, or phonecards available in newsagents and other shops.

Weather forecasts

Forecasts in Italian, then English are broadcast four times a day on VHF Chs 25, 26 or 27 covering all parts of the coastline. See RYA Weather booklet or Italian Waters Pilot for times. Ashore, telephone 196 for a forecast read in slow, easy to understand Italian.


Trailer max width 2.30m. Car max width 2.55m. Trailer height must not exceed 1.8 times the distance between the wheels of the car. Trailer max length – one axle: 6.50m; two axles: 8m. Boats should be inspected by a Port Authority before launching. Skipper must have ICC.

British Embassy

Via XX Settembre 80A, I-00187 Rome. Tel: 0039 6 4220 0001. Visit or e-mail

Tourist office in UK

Italian State Tourist Office, 1 Princes Street, London W1R 8AY. Tel: 020 7408 1254 (between 0930- 1230 or 1430-1600.) Visit or e-mail

Charts and books

Admiralty charts. Italian Hydrographic Institute charts give better coverage. Available in Italy at chandlers.

Mediterranean Almanac, Imray.

Italian Waters Pilot. Rod Heikell. Imray.

Adriatic Pilot. T and D Thompson. Imray.



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