MBY’s Med Marathon Starts Here!

Motor Boat & Yachting's Kate Brunel-Cohen prepares to set off on a fact-finding voyage around the Mediterranean.

Well, whoever said working for MBY would be easy? Six weeks, three countries and as many boating stories as I can find – it’s going to be one big sun-drenched, sangria-sipping slog.

Seriously though, we thought that it was about time we got out there and covered the Mediterranean in as much detail as possible. All you Med boaters have been telling us for so long how great it is that Hugo (the editor) is sending me on an intensive fact-finding mission to dig out the inside story on de-camping to, living in and enjoying the area.

I’ll be off on Friday 19th August to cover Spain, the Balearics, France and Italy and you can keep track of my travels on this blog, which I will (hopefully – internet connections permitting!) be updating every day.

But don’t think you can just sit back, read these entries and wonder how I managed to wangle this gig. I need to know the best places to go, the best people to talk to and the best tips for Med living. I want all your secrets – whether you’re lucky enough to be out there all summer or are back in blighty with some fond Med memories you’d like me to check out.

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I will keep you up-dated as to where I’m going to be over the next week or so and would love to hear especially from anyone who wouldn’t mind a visit – I’ll buy you a drink on expenses. I’ll be in Sotogrande/Duquesa/Estepona on Friday evening and Saturday and around Almeria on Sunday, so let me know if you’re around.

My e-mail is kate_brunel-cohen@ipcmedia.com, or you can Private Message me on the forums.

Adios and Au Revoir



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