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EU member?




Ship’s papers

Ship’s registration papers.

Crew papers


Report to Customs?

Yes, to fill in forms, and you should also contact immigration via the port office or a local police station, to obtain passport stamps. In practice, formalities for EU yachts are often waived.


Readily available.


Readily available.


Readily available.

Shore power 220V AC

At guest pontoons in larger towns.


Refilling possible in cities. UK fittings don’t fit Norwegian bottles.

Camping Gaz

Found in large ports. More expensive than in UK.

Berthing fees

Considerably cheaper than in UK. Harbours often free.


Norwegian Krone (100 øre).

Credit cards

Widely accepted. Cashpoints in larger towns.


Not used.

Travellers cheques

Can change in banks.

Emergencies ­ VHF

Coastguard monitors Ch 16.

Emergencies ­ phone

Police 112

Ambulance 113

Fire 110


Contact embassy in London for forms to fill in. Cat or dog needs import licence .

Dialling code to UK

0044 then the number, omitting the first 0.

Telephone boxes

All callboxes have international dialling. Use cards bought from kiosks.

Weather forecasts

VHF coast radio stations broadcast gale warnings in English. You can request a forecast in English on VHF citing your callsign and home telephone number, but this will incur a charge from both the Norwegians and BT. Your transistor radio will be able to pick up English forecasts twice daily from Rogaland Radio, see RYA booklet C1 for details.


You must provide evidence that car and boat are registered outside Norway, and insured.

British Embassy

Thomas Heftyesgate 8, 0244 Oslo. Tel: 0047 2313 2700. Visit

Tourist office in UK

Norwegian Tourist Board, Charles House, Lower Regent St, London SW1Y 4LR. Tel: 020 7839 6255. Visit

Charts and books

Norwegian charts essential. The 100 series charts cover the complicated coastline in excellent detail. The 300 series is on a smaller scale and useful for passage planning. Obtainable from Imray, and also at most harbours on the Norwegian coast.

Guest Harbours in Norway. Published by Norwegian Tourist Board. 288 pages of harbour plans in other info. £24.50 (+ £2.85) p&p from MMW Productions, 26 Woodsford Square, London W14 8DP. Tel: 020 7602 0657. Make cheque to MMW Productions.

Norwegian Cruising Guide. John Armitage and Mark Brackenbury. £19.99 (+£2.50p&p) from Adlard Coles Nautical.


Norwegian. Most Norwegians speak English.

September 2001


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