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EU member?




Ship’s papers

Ship’s registration papers.

Proof of VAT status.

Ship’s radio licence.

Proof of marine insurance.

Itinerary, backed up by ship’s log.

Crew papers


Radio Operator’s Certificate.

Crew list, with dates of birth, passport numbers, where embarked, intended departure from boat.

Report to Customs?

Not if arriving from an EU country. If arriving from a non-EU country, report to Customs on entry. Obtaining a customs permit will allow you to enter any small Spanish harbour without its own customs office. The permit should be stamped on departure from Spain.


On Atlantic coast not widely available on quayside. The few places where it is include La Coruña, Santander, Bayona, Seville and Cadiz. Much better on the Mediterranean coast, where most marinas and some yacht clubs and fishing ports have fuel berths.


Readily available. May be charged for.

Shore power 220V AC

At larger marinas on Atlantic coast. Widely available in Med and Balearics.


Refilling rarely possible.

Camping Gaz

Widely available.

Berthing fees

Similar to UK on Atlantic and Med coasts. Much more expensive in Balearics.


Peseta (100 céntimos).

A maximum of 100,000 pesetas may be exported from Spain.

Credit cards

Can usually be used to pay for fuel. Can be used to get cash from cashpoint ­ Visa more so than Mastercard.


Can be cashed in banks. Accepted in some larger shops and restaurants.

Travellers cheques

Can be exchanged in banks.

Emergencies ­ VHF

Ch 16 monitored by coast radio stations. Will pass distress message to nearest Capitanius Maritimas. Good rescue coverage includes the Red Cross lifeboats (Spain’s RNLI equivalent) and Navy boats and helicopters.

Emergencies ­ phone

Maritime emergency 900 202 202

Ambulance 091

Police 091

Fire 091


Pets can be landed if have an export health certificate issued by a UK vet.

Dialling code to UK

0044 then the number, omitting the first 0.

Telephone boxes

Have instructions in English. Take 25 and 100 peseta coins, or phone cards bought at tobacconists.

Weather forecasts

On Atlantic coast you should be able to pick up BBC Radio 4 long wave shipping forecasts and gale warnings with a good radio. The Trafalgar area is only featured at 0048. Coast radio stations and Spanish national radio issue weather forecasts in Spanish, see pilot book for frequencies. If you’re in a bar at 2120 you may see a weather map on TV.

In the Med, some coast radio stations issue forecasts in English on VHF. See Imray Mediterranean Almanac. Most marinas post weather information on noticeboards.


Regs differ according to area. With an ordinary car driving licence you can only tow a trailer up to 750kg. Before launching, report to port captain and show your ICC. You will then be issued with a boating permit.

British Embassy

Calle de Fernando el Santo 16, 28010 Madrid. Tel: 0034 91 7008200. Visit

Tourist office in UK

Spanish National Tourist Office, 22-23 Manchester Square, London W1U 3PX. Tel: 020 7486 8077. Visit or or e-mail or

Charts and books

British Admiralty charts give excellent coverage.

Macmillan Nautical Almanac.

Iberian Guide.

Mediterranean Almanac, Imray .

Atlantic Spain and Portugal. Imray.

East Spain Pilot. Imray.



September 2001


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