That’s amore! 5 best Riva boats

There's no denying we love Riva boats here at MBY. It's been a passionate affair that started the very first moment we laid our eyes on a Riva. It's not been easy choosing our favourite five, but here's our pick of the crop

Riva Aquarama

Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Aquarama Lamborghini


We love it because… The legend. The most famous of Carlo Riva’s designs and the icon that has propelled Riva to be the most recognised boat brand in the world.


Riva Aquariva


We love it because… The spiritual heir to the Aquarama’s throne. Sleek and drop dead gorgeous, it’s the ultimate modern manifestation of the classic Riva.

Riva Tritone Special Cadillac

Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Tritone Special Cadillac


We love it because…  Built in 1960 for an Italian industrialist. She was the longest, largest, fastest and most powerful Riva ever built and stayed that way for 6 years. A pair of Cadilliac Crusader engines deliver 320hp each and nearly 50 knots.
Watch our review here.



Riva 110 Dolce Vita

Riva 110 Dolcevita at sunset

We love it because… The flagship of the modern Riva range and a shining demonstration of how far the company has come since becoming part of Ferretti Group. 110ft (33.53m) long, 124 tonnes and a top speed of 26 knots thanks to a pair of 2,600hp MTU engines.




Riva 56 Rivale

Riva 56 Rivale on the water


We love it because… We reviewed the Riva 56 Rivale recently and said that this stunning craft provides a boating experience like no other. And that’s exactly it. The Riva 56 Rivale is the quintessential beauty with brains. Engineering meets aesthetics for the ultimate on water experience.


Riva Rivale

See the Riva Rivale on stand SO70


Riva Iseo

Find out how the Riva Iseo fared in our boat test


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