£3 billion golden superyacht story confirmed as fake

Baia Yachts tells MBY: "Who would believe that a boat would have 100 tons of gold on board?"

It seems MBY’s scepticism was well placedBaia Yachts of Italy have confirmed this morning that the story about the £3 billion golden superyacht is fake.

This is despite it being picked up by half the nation’s press and reported faithfully, without a call to Baia to check the story’s authenticity.

Mario Borselli, sales manager at Baia, told MBY: “Who would believe that a boat would have 100 tons of gold on board? They took some pictures from our website without our permission.

“We will write him a letter asking him to take them down, but we are not thinking to go legal. It’s such a stupid story it’s not worth it.”

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The story about the golden-hulled, diamond-encrusted Baia 100 broke five days ago, and since then has been reported all over the world.

The buyer was said to be an “anonymous Malaysian businessman”, but as MBY pointed out in our previous story, this was one of the tale’s biggest holes.

“I can’t believe people would believe someone would be so stupid to commission this boat,” Mario from Baia Yachts added.

Despite more calls to Stuart Hughes, the company that claimed responsibility for customising the motor yacht, they remained unavailable for comment this morning.

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