Armare A43: The Lamborghini inspired concept boat that needs to get built

Angular, speedy and unashamedly impractical, this is the Lamborghini speedboat you didn’t know you needed

Cars and boats go hand in hand, just ask Brabus and Axopar, Porsche and Dynamiq, Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts – we could go on.

The latest name hoping to join that pantheon is Officina Armare, an Italian design house that has created this stunning 43ft tribute to Lamborghini.

The A43 speedboat was conceived as an aquatic version of the Centenario Roadster and they’ve certainly got the lines right, as well as the side engine intakes, curved windscreen and acres of exposed carbon fibre.

Speed is another essential element of the Lambo cocktail and the A43 would have that in spades – with twin 540hp Mercury Racing petrol inboard engines fitted, it’s estimated she could kick out a blistering top speed in excess of 80 knots.

There are few, if any, concessions to traditional boating style, without an inch of teak in sight, let alone foredeck guardrails. Indeed with the bike racks fitted in one of these renders, boarding the thing in the first place would certainly be a challenge – but given Lamborghini’s proud history of laughing in the face of practicality, that seems entirely fitting.

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And yet for all of these quibbles, you can just see one of these lapping up plenty of sun and admiring looks all along the Cote d’Azur.