MBY's website partners with rightboat.com

Website rightboat.com, one of Europe’s premier online boat sales companies has, partnered with ybw.com, IPC Media’s leading marine community website, to power the new boat buying section on ybw.com.

Effective from February 2008, the exclusive partnership will see
rightboat.com become the major online boat sales resource for ybw.com, giving customers access to a vast list of new and used boats for sale from some of the world’s leading brands.

“We are delighted to work with ybw.com as the main new and used boat sales search engine,” says Nichola Haynes of rightboat.com. “We have experienced great success since we launched rightboat.com and this new partnership will not only allow us to further expand our presence in the industry, but will also allow ybw.com to utilise our multi-broker and ghost boat systems.”

Created in 2007, rightboat.com represents a vast selection of Europe’s largest boat dealers, including Sunseeker Sales Group, Essex Boatyards and Ancasta International.

rightboat.com also benefits from an impressive multi-broker and ghost boats system, which effectively manages all duplicate and rogue entries and ensures rightboat.com customers have access to one of the cleanest new and used boat sale searches available.

Established in 1997, ybw.com is one of Europe’s leading marine community websites serving over 330,000 unique users and generating over 5.6 million page impressions per month. Ybw.com is the portal website for market leading marine magazines including Practical Boat Owner, Yachting Monthly, Motorboat & Yachting, Yachting World and Motor Boats Monthly.

Publisher Steve Kendall said: “We know ybw.com’s users are hugely
passionate about buying and selling boats and it’s important we offer them and our brokerage advertisers the best possible service. This partnership with rightboat.com allows us to do just that and we are really looking forward to working with the rightboat.com team to deliver the best boats for sale service in the market.”

rightboat.com is easy to navigate and in addition to details of boats for sale, the website is a great resource for first time buyers, sellers or those wishing to upgrade their boat. rightboat.com allows owners to explore berthing options in conjunction with Europe’s largest marina operator MDL Marinas, as well as access to a wealth of information about finance, insurance and boat valuation; all tailored to meet specific
member requirements.