Boat offers smoking trips to dodge ban

Light up in peace at sea

A boating company is providing a safe haven for smokers following the new law banning lighting up in public places.

The law comes into effect on 1 July. From that date the firm will be offering “speciality-smoking trips”.

A spokesman explains: “You’ll be able to come aboard our traditional Danish wooden sailing ship, sail off the coast of Britain and enjoy the liberation of smoking with friends in a social setting.

“While on a public health level we understand the risks of smoking, the crew of Sailjosefine firmly believes in the right for smokers to enjoy their pastime in such a setting.”

Charles Atkinson, skipper of Josefine, says: “I’m sure the smoking ban will be successful and a number of smokers will give it up as a result.

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“However, I’d like to make sure our right to choose and make use of alternative places to enjoy smoking is upheld.

“Aboard Josefine is ideal as you will be away from non-smokers and in the company of friends can take the opportunity to smoke their pipe, cigarettes or cigars.”

Sailjosefine say they will ensure no cigarette butts or other rubbish will pollute the sea.

Charles says: “I always take great care to make sure that by enjoying the sea, we have no polluting impact on it.”

To find out more or to book visit

Tel: 07971 376172.


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