Bond’s first boat saved from fire by RNLI Yarmouth

A classic Fairey Huntsman that served as James Bond’s first boat in From Russia With Love has been rescued by the RNLI

James Bond’s first boat was saved from a fiery demise last week, after RNLI Yarmouth were called out to rescue the burning vessel off Lymington.

Here and Now is one of the original Fairey Huntsman models used in the 1963 film, which saw 007 take to the wheel of a motor boat for the first time.

However, this treasured piece of Bond memorabilia almost went up in flames when its engine caught fire at 1520 last Friday (7 August).

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A distress call was made to the local RNLI station at Yarmouth, who dispatched Severn class lifeboat Eric and Susan Hiscock (Wanderer) to the scene, by which point the vessel had started taking on water and all those on board had abandoned ship.

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Fortunately the fire was quickly extinguished with help from RNLI Lymington and the historic motor launch was quickly towed to Lymington Yacht Haven.

The vessel was then checked over by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and lifted out of the water to stop her sinking.

Here and Now has been owned by Paul Fairall and based at Southampton for the past 30 years.

As well as being James Bond’s first boat, this Fairey Huntsman 28 won a prize during the 1962 Cowes Torquay Cowes powerboat race.

Here’s hoping that this truly historic motor boat can be fully restored before too long. To see her in action back in 1963, click on the clip below:


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