Bugatti boat takes shape

It's another case of a car company releasing a boat concept as Bugatti teams up with Palmer Jonhson to create the Niniette 66

Bugatti might be late crashing the car company builds boat party, but they’re making up for it with ambition and style.

Bugatti has teamed up with Palmer Johnson to create this concept, which they describe as a ‘fearless vision of the future’.

Far larger than the boats touted by Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and most recently Lexus, the Bugatti Niniette 66 is 20 metres long and will be powered by two MAN V8 1,000hp diesel engines giving a projected maximum speed of 44 knots. The side profile apes Bugatti’s latest car, the Chiron, with its signature sweeping curve and dual tone colours.

Look closer and you’ll spot side sponsons that are said to provide the slim easily driven hull with increased beam and stability at rest. But it’s on board that Palmer Johnson has really turned this concept up to eleven.

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The cockpit, trimmed with carbon fibre, finest leather and blue morta wood features not only a jacuzzi, sunpad and champagne bar – there’s a fire pit in there too! The interior is a spectacle of marble, leather, carbon and polished metal.With only one opulent sleeping cabin, there is masses of exquisitely trimmed entertaining space.

Palmer Johnson claim to have ‘great interest’ in the project, which will be built to order.

See our gallery of the Bugatti Niniette 66 at the top of this page.

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