Bugatti speedboat concept designed by Palmer Johnson

American superyacht yard Palmer Johnson has released renders of a Bugatti speedboat, which has been licensed by the Italian supercar supremos

Déjà vu?

We’ve been here before, of course, with many prestige car manufacturers stating their desire to build a speedboat, only for nothing to actually materialise beyond a few pretty renders.

Following in the footsteps of Mercedes and Jaguar was the Aston Martin AM37 speedboat which was unveiled by Quintessence Yachts in April this year and scheduled for a September launch – a deadline which came and went without anything hitting the water.

However, there are a few key detail which suggest that Bugatti may have serious intentions to build a boat.

Bugatti speedboat - prowOne of them is the name – Niniette was founder Ettore Bugatti’s nickname for his daughter Lidia, so its unlikely the company would throw this moniker around lightly.

What’s more, the Italian sportscar pioneer did have some experience of developing racing boats and yachts in the 1930s, so maybe the concept of a Bugatti speedboat isn’t so far-fetched after all.

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