Bulgarian firm aims to build world’s first electric motor yacht

Cadia Yachts has teamed up with the Croatian inventor behind the Concept One electric supercar

When it comes to green technology, the motor yacht world has somewhat lagged behind the automotive world in recent years.

However, this could all be about to change, with the impetus coming from an unlikely source.

Bulgarian start-up Cadia Yachts has teamed up with Croatian inventor Mate Rimac and they are aiming to launch their debut range in 2015.

The name Mate Rimac may not mean a lot, but he has a great track record in the automotive world, having worked on the Concept One 1000bhp electric supercar, which was unveiled to much fanfare in 2011.

Croatian boat-building company Obrovac (of Elan Power 30 fame) is involved in the project and the basic details have been confirmed.

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A pair of 654kw electric motors will generate 848nm of torque to propel the 53ft hard-top vessel, which has been designed to carry up to ten passengers.

Around 1 tonne of batteries will be required, which will less than 8 hours to charge in the marina, with the option for a fast-charging system.

Cadia Yachts is offering a chance for investors to get in on the ground floor, with as much as 40% equity being offered.

As you might expect, this venture has been launched with no small amount of superlative language.

“The project brings new technology to the maritime industry as it lays the foundation of a new era,” the company’s website boldly declares.

“Cadia Yachts has the mission to provide to customers a clean, quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly sailing experience. Unlike almost all electrical vessels, this electric yacht is designed for speed.”

It was only ever going to be a matter of time until someone took the plunge with an electric motor yacht, and we at MBM suspect that whether Cadia Yachts will make a real breakthrough on not will largely come down to price. Watch this space.


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