Conran-designed Sealine

First pictures of revamped T60

Sealine unveiled their revamped T60, now called the T60 Aura after an interior redesign by Studio Conran.

Top designer Sebastian Conran has given the T60 his magic touch and the results are striking. The Aura interior can also be added to with a delux finish for those who are happy to spend a little bit more.

Sealine say the new line will “combine spacious, high performance motor yachts with the very best of modern interior design”.

Commenting on the design collaboration, Sebastian Conran has said: “Working very closely with Sealine we have used every technique we know to make the T60 Aura feel special and spacious – offering the very best of modern interior design.”

Carsten Astheimer, Sealine’s Design Director, said: “We paid a great deal of attention to ensure that the Conran ‘look’ was paired with real, functional innovation.

“The interior of any motor yacht presents a unique challenge for the designer.

“It is a rare environment in which performance, safety and practicality are equally as important as luxury and aesthetic beauty.

“Over three decades of creating superb motor yachts, Sealine have established a long tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, with the T60 existing as the epitome of this philosophy.”

He added: “The brief for Aura was to create a judicious blend of style, practicality and comfort – a classic contemporary experience that is simple and not contrived.

“We describe our approach as ‘soft rationalization’, in which rich materials and natural finishes instill warmth and softness in simple, unobtrusive forms. The result is a tranquil, elegant environment that is highly functional and practical.” 

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