Cutty Sark restorers at London show

BMF agree to help the CS Trust save the ship

The British Marine Federation have pledged to help the Cutty Sark Trust with a formal agreement over three years.

The BMF and their boat show organising arm National Boat Shows will use the London Boat Show to help raise awareness and funds for the project to save the Cutty Sark following the fire that swept through the historic ship last month.

The agreement will last beyond the time when it is anticipated the Greenwich based Cutty Sark will re-open to the public in 2010.

In addition, the BMF will promote The Cutty Sark Trust to the industry and its 1,600 members.

It is anticipated that the Cutty Sark will have its own area at the London Boat Show at ExCeL and there will be regular presentations on screens to bring visitors up to date on the progress of its restoration.

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The Cutty Sark Trust will also be working on elements of the conservation project at the show, bringing back to life actual original parts of the vessel.

The public will get a chance to see some of the techniques behind the mix of cutting-edge science and time-honoured craftsmanship that the project involves.

Fran Turner, Cutty Sark Development Director explains: “We are delighted to be partnering with the London Boat Show at ExCeL. This international event will provide a fantastic platform for us to engage with lovers of maritime life and history from all over the world and raise much needed funds to get the Cutty Sark ship shape once again.”

Rob Stevens, Chief Executive of the British Marine Federation and National Boat Shows, comments: “The Cutty Sark is the epitome of the great age of sail and is a maritime icon. The fire on board was a significant blow for the millions of visitors who have seen the vessel at Greenwich and for this country’s heritage as a whole. We are delighted to work in an exclusive industry partnership with The Cutty Sark Trust to help raise the money needed to preserve the ship through the London Boat Show at ExCeL and the Federation’s members.”

The London Boat Show runs from 11-20 January 2008.


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