Donald Campbell tribute CD

"We need our past heroes now more than ever."

Pop group Kimbustion are releasing a CD in tribute to record breaker Donald Campbell.

Bluebird’s Return is released on 23 March, on what would have been Campbell’s birthday, and has been prompted by the 40th anniversary of his death on Coniston Water in January 2007.

The songs have been written by Jon Johnson and arranged, performed and produced by Glen Boulton. The duo describe the music as ‘contemporary pop’ and say the songs “try to put into words what Donald stood for and why Britain today needs it’s heroes more than ever”.

The CD will be launched at the Ruskin Museum on 23 March and will be available from shops around the Lake District and from website

Jon said: “In my youth, I was always saddened when thinking of Donald’s story and our loss that fateful day.
“Britain as a nation seems to dwell on it’s faults and failures. It’s about time we readdressed the balance.

“If there is one thing both Glen and myself share with Donald, it is his patriotism for Britain. Patriotism with respect.”

He continued: “We need our past heroes now more than ever, to inspire new generations so we can learn from the good as well as the bad.

“As a country we desperately need Bluebird and Donald. We are in danger of loosing something forever.

“We have tried our hardest to produce songs befitting this Great British hero, who we admire and respect.”

The picture shows an image from a new book of 3D photographs of Bluebird which is being published on the same day, the anniversary of Campbell’s birthday. Leo Villa’s 3D Album of the Bluebirds will be published by Transport Bookman Publications and will be available from Charters Motoring Booksellers ( Price £39.95.


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