Earthrace coming to UK

Failed record-breaker will continue promoting biodiesel

The Earthrace boat will visit the UK and Ireland this year as part of a European tour promoting biodiesel.

The boat pulled out of an attempt to break the round the world speed record earlier this month after a disaster-laden voyage.

The New Zealand crew aimed to make it round the world powered by biodiesel, and although they were forced to refuel using ULSD in one remote Pacific island, are continuing their quest to highlight the benefits of environmentally friendly biofuels to the marine industry.

The team are making plans to visit up to 40 European cities during a tour covering the next eight months.

They are also considering another attempt at the world record for March 2008. The current record of 75 days is held by British boat Cable & Wireless Adventurer.

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Earthrace skipper Pete Bethune said: “The vision of a world using fuel produced from sustainable sources is an idea whose time has come. By demonstrating the power, reliability and environmental safety of biodiesel, Earthrace is committed to transforming this vision into reality.”

During each stopover the public will have chance to meet the crew and step aboard the Earthrace vessel.

Some of the places lined up for visits are:

Cork and Dublin (Ireland)
Cardiff (Wales)
Plymouth and London (England)
Edinburgh and Shetland Islands (Scotland)
Brest (France)
Bergen and Oslo (Norway)
Lisbon (Portugal)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden)
Helsinki (Finland)
Rostock, Kiel and Hamburg (Germany)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Antwerp and Vlissingen (Belgium)

Earthrace will likely begin its promotional tour in late June in Cork, Ireland. Watch for full details.


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