Earthrace fundraising bid

Bid for a crew place!

Press release from the Earthrace team:

May 24, 2007 –The Earthrace World Record Attempt Team launched today a Sales Promotion Raffle to increase the sales of it T-shirts, Posters, DVD’s and World Record Stickers. The effort is sponsored by Earthrace Ltd which is a bid to break the world record for global circumnavigation in a powerboat using only 100% Pure Biodiesel … a renewable fuel.

The Earthrace Sales Promotion Raffle is now accepting entries via their Sales Promotion Raffle Product Store on their website via the purchase of official Earthrace Sales Promotion Raffle Products. Each item you purchase will include a FREE raffle entry. Only 3,000 entries will be accepted and you can pay online via Pay pal and major credits on their secure site. The Earthrace is currently enroute to Suez, Egypt only 930 nautical miles behind world record pace as reported last on March 22, 2007.

With all raffles there are prizes and the one item that will draw the most interest is a trip on the one-of-a-kind Earthrace Wave Piercing Trimaran during the world record attempt. The winner will actually be a member of the crew with crew responsibilities as any other. Included in this Grand Prize, the winner will be flown to and from their location to one of 4 possible race leg stops where Earthrace will be docking to refuel and re-supply. The possible race legs available for the winner are Canary Islands -to- Barbados, Barbados -to-Panama, Panama -to- Acapulco, or Acapulco -to- San Diego, California … the recently announced updated finish line.

For those looking for less adventurous prizes, The Earthrace World Record Attempt Team has provided Customer Appreciation Prizes:

1st Prize: A licensed copy of Nobeltec’s Visual Navigation Suite Navigation Software, courtesy of Crystal Friedman at

2nd Prize: A relaxing 6 hour sailing excursion on a 50′ sailboat for up to 8 adults including refreshments in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico courtesy of Captain Miguel Angel Sempre Ramirez of RAL Industrial Marine Service.

3rd Prize: A private 2 hour sunset cruise for 2 adults on a 35′ Meridian Yacht on San Francisco Bay, California including fully catered dinner and wine tasting. Then the excitement continues with 2 tickets to a San Francisco Giants Major League baseball game to watch Barry Bonds’ bid to break the all time home run record! This excursion is courtesy of Edgar Perez an Earthrace supporter and volunteer.

4th Prize: A brand new FinePix F650 digital camera courtesy of Earthrace Ltd.

Earthrace will be drawing the winners on June 9, 2007 and the captain Pete Bethune will be announcing the winners on location via a video blog on the Earthrace sales Promotion Raffle website. You have only until 11:59pm EST on June 8, 2007 to enter and enter as many times as you wish. For further details on raffle rules, prizes frequently asked questions, please visit or contact the Raffle Facilitator David Perez at


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