The most futuristic superyacht ever

Superyacht of the future boasts detachable tenders, beach house and stabilised pool

The ability to transform while underway has been taken to new levels by a superyacht with twin detachable tenders that provide propulsion for the mothership. The yacht even includes a detachable beach house and motion-compensated pool.

Dutch shipyard Feadship launched the 74.5 metre Choice using a model and an ‘augmented reality experience’ at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The 24.5 metre detachable tenders allow guests to shoot ahead of the slower-moving mothership and to go to places that the bigger vessel cannot reach.

Artist's impression of how the tender separates from mothership

Artist’s impression of how the tender separates from mothership

Feadship claim that each tender hits 25 knots, copes with rough seas and includes two double suites, a single cabin and a lounge.

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While they speed their passengers to resorts further ahead, the mothership uses its own electric propulsion package, charged by the tenders when docked, to cruise along at a more leisurely and mostly silent pace.

Artist's impression of the beach area aft

Artist’s impression of the beach area aft

Guests can also leave the mothership by a drone nestled at the top of the yacht or by the amphibious beach house apartment.

While two guests can spend time in the detached apartment on nearby beaches, the aft end of the mothership transforms into a private sandy beach itself. Uncouple the tenders, and the sides of the beach club offer safe water access for swimming or scuba diving and a spot for waterfront dining.

Feadship's Choice concept

Feadship’s Choice concept

And to avoid your onboard swimming being disturbed by waves, the pool is motion-compensated.

“Uncoupling the pool using a magnetic levitation and drive system stops these waves being generated,” said designer Tanno Weeda.

“The system lifts the pool in a way that ensures there is no friction, decelerates the relative motions and manages the list and relative drift between yacht and pool,” he said.

Choice even has autonomous control to relieve crew and let the yacht run itself. The Feadship Independent Control System (FICS) uses sensor technology and real-time online data (wave radar, weather forecasts and traffic reports) to gather information on surrounding conditions.

Artist's impression of the transformation

Artist’s impression of the transformation

This data determines how the yacht should best respond to suitable sailing routes; optimum comfort at anchor; where best to deploy the tenders; and when it is safe to use the drone.

“We haven’t quite reached the autopilot stage yet, but the way this solution communicates with the environment is optimised to the highest degree,” said Ruud Bakker, another of the yacht’s designers.

“It has also allowed us to dispense with the conventional wheelhouse: as an autonomous yacht, Choice only requires a bridge lounge with some minor technical buttons for steering,” he said.



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