Fairline lifts lid on Esprit concept boat at ExCeL

New concept Fairline Esprit is a hybrid-powered 30ft sportsboat designed with sustainanility in mind

Fairline has taken a leaf out of the automotive book and has turned up to the London Boat Show with an exciting concept design.

The Fairline Esprit is a 30ft hybrid sportsboat that comes in cuddy cabin and bowrider forms and is designed to whip along at 30 knots from a single sterndriven 400hp diesel or motor silently at 5 knots under electric power.

Sustainability was a key driving force behind the design, according to Fairline, which proposes using bio-derived epoxy resins in the construction and recycled synthetic composite teak for the decks.

Resin infusion will keep things light to maximise performance and economy while LED lights throughout will keep power draw to a minimum.

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On the bowlder version, Fairline has designed a solar T-top that can fold away to cover the bow seating when not in use, the panels being used to power the ultrasonic antifouling system and keep batteries charged.

One of the most exciting elements of the new design, and one which we hope to see on future boats, is a chartplotter and system information display built into the central boss of the steering wheel.

This could show the radar display, the autopilot, charts or how much fuel is in the tanks. Fairline even said it hadn’t ruled out flappy paddle controls.

As with most car concepts, it’s unlikely the Fairline Esprit will ever appear in the form on display at the show, but nevertheless we love this attempt at seeing the future and hope other yards start doing the same.

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