Four rescued from capsized powerboat near Hamble Point

A prototype Vector powerboat capsized near Hamble Point on a test run this morning, sparking a Coastguard rescue mission

A dramatic powerboat crash on Southampton Water this morning sparked a Coastguard rescue mission, which resulted in four people being taken to hospital.

The loud collision was reported at around 0820 and many eyewitnesses identified the capsized vessel as a Vector model.

Powerboat champion Peter Dredge and his son Simon were onboard the powerboat when it flipped at an estimated speed of 65mph and hit a south cardinal marker near Warsash Maritime Academy. Two other Vector team members were also on board.

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Mark Weatherhead, helmsman at RNLI Calshot, said: “We found a nearby workboat had managed to pull all four occupants from the water.

“RNLI crewmembers, including a paramedic, went aboard the workboat to treat all four people.”

Three of the men managed to swim out through the escape hatch of the upturned boat, although we understand Peter had to dive back in to rescue his son who suffered a head injury.

The South Central Ambulance Service later released a statement claiming that one of the men involved was in a “life-threatening condition”.

However, Vector CEO Malcolm Crease allayed fears by telling MBY: “Simon Dredge is in a stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.”

The capsized powerboat has since been towed to Hamble Point Marina, where it is currently moored on the harbourmaster’s pontoon.

Nick Parton, general manger at Hamble Point Marina, told MBY: “We saw the Coastguard helicopters head out and remains of the boat being towed in. It’s still capsized so it’s hard to tell what state it is in”

The incident will now be referred to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch for a full report.

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