Get British goods abroad

Marmite in the Med ect

An online shopping service is advertising itself to boaters abroad who hanker after British goods. specialises in sending branded food products to British people living, working and holidaying abroad.

The company recently sent £50,000 of bacon to South America and also fulfilled a £2,000 order for traditional British groceries to a new superyacht moored in the Netherlands.

Managing director Mark Callaghan says: “We supplied the crew of this luxury motor yacht with all the traditional British comforts they were missing.

“We have now extended our service to offer any Brits holidaying or working on yachts all over the world the products we stock.

The firm supplies people with all sorts of British comfort foods including Marmite, baked beans, crisps, tea and even Pot Noodles.

Its main customers are ex-pats, but it also offers a service to people with holiday homes and villas overseas, and regularly sends food parcels to troops serving in foreign parts.

Mark adds: “We offer our service to homesick Brits missing the food they grew up with.

“We get lots of unusual requests and have even sent 32 tins of baked beans to a tiny village in the Pyrenees. It’s not just people we cater for either, we have a range of pet foods and send lots of British cat and dog food to Japan.” stocks more than 6,000 British food products, covering all the major brands found in British supermarkets.


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