Government simplifies marina approval process

Red tape curtailed to make coastal development simpler for marina developers

Marina companies face a much simpler approvals process for future developments after the government hacked back the red tape standing in the way of coastal development.

The ‘coastal concordat’, which was led by Defra, aims to put an end to overlaps between regulators, duplication of information requirements and delays to key coastal developments.

“The coastal concordat will make achieving essential coastal development a much simpler process. This more straightforward approach will benefit businesses, while also enabling sustainable growth and helping to protect the marine environment,” said marine environment minister George Eustice.

Developers will now have a single point of entry into the regulatory process, guiding them to the organisations responsible for consents, permissions and licences required.

There will also be a single lead authority for co-ordinating environmental impact assessments and regulators will agree up front the evidence requirements for these.

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Premier Marinas’ chief executive, Pete Bradshaw, welcomed the development, telling MBY: “We hope that by creating a single point of entry into the coastal regulatory system, the concordat will bring much needed simplification to the consent process for coastal developments.

“Whilst this is welcomed, it is important to note that there is no change in the overall burden of regulation which remains complex.”

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