Honda racers’ new power

The Honda Formula 4-stroke race series will have its 130hp outboard replaced with a brand new 225hp outboard, to be launched at the London Boat Show 2002

The Honda Formula 4-Stroke (HFFS) race series – the biggest one design powerboat racing series in the world – is to have its 130hp outboard replaced with the all new V6 4-stroke BF225. The new outboard, to be introduced at next year’s London Boat Show, produces 225hp, promising HFFS competitors significantly greater speeds than those currently available from the existing series outboard, the 130hp BF130.

The new unit will be one of the most powerful 4-stroke outboards ever to hit the market and will bring yet more excitement to the HFFS series, and Martin Sanders, General Manager of Honda (UK) Power Equipment, is looking forward to its debut.

“Our intention has always been to make the world of powerboat racing accessible to a broader audience,” said Sanders. “As well as being part of the largest and most competitive powerboat series in the world, our 130hp boat package also makes an ideal weekend sports boat. The same will be true of our new 225hp package.

“Our commitment to the marine market is total. We have consistentl offered the best deals, packages and warranties in the marine sector, making it easier for more people than ever to get on the water.”

The new outboard is offered in 200hp and 225hp versions and will feature the latest V6 Honda engine technology. The new BF200 and BF225 will meet EPA emission regulations for the year 2006 and the more stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards for 2008.

With this model launch, Honda extends its range of outboards from 2hp up to 225hp across 18 models, all produced at their state of the art production facility in Hosoe.


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