Honda series celebrates ten years of racing

Plymouth to host milestone event

The City of Plymouth has been chosen to mark the tenth anniversary when it hosts the tenth birthday and 100th race of the Honda Formula 4-Stroke Race Series on June 20-21. It returns to the city for the second leg of the 2009 Championship.

The Plymouth Grand Prix has always been a favourite on the 4-Stroke race calendar and this year Honda becomes a highlight of the city’s entertainment calendar. When the company launched its first large scale outboard engine in 1999 – the 4-Stroke BF130 – it would have been an optimistic prediction that this early model would set the basis of what is currently the world’s largest offshore powerboat race series.

The series, that would revolutionise offshore powerboat racing, was a pioneering test by Honda against claims that a 4-Stroke motor could not only match the output of a two-stroke, but could out-do it. So with five teams competing in identical boats powered by standard engines, the Honda Formula 4-Stroke series (HF4S) was established. Ten years on the series can now prove prediction a reality.

From the early days when the BF130 powered the HF4S to the evolution of today’s two class championship using 150hp and 225hp units, the series has provided an affordable and level arena guaranteeing close competition and a true test of drivers and navigators skills.

Attending the celebratory weekend will be series Directors Geoff Matthews, Head of Honda UK and Steve Curtis, eight times Class 1 World Powerboat Champion.

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“Ten years after the Honda fleet’s first outing, the achievements of this series continue to astound. Its popularity is expanding year on year with nearly 20 teams competing in 2009 in front of ever increasing spectator numbers”, said Steve.

“Honda set about creating a championship that would fundamentally change Powerboat Racing in the UK and around the World. I am more than confident to say that we did it”, added Geoff.


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