How quickly can you tie a bowline?

Competition winner astounds with nimble fingers

How quickly can you tie a bowline?

The winner of an RYA competition to tie the boaters’ classic knot managed it in an impressive 00:00.3 seconds.

Winner Richard Hogg from London had his name picked from a hat due to a tie break situation – incredibly two people posted the same time.

Throughout the PSP Southampton Boat Show the RYA ran a number of competitions asking new and existing members exactly why they were members, as well as the extremely popular RYA record breaker bowline tie competition.

Some 500 people pitched up to try and tie the fastest bowline knot, demonstrating many varying styles, including the ‘flying bowline’, displays of team work and pre-timer preparations.

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The RYA’s CEO Rod Carr OBE kick-started the week’s knot-tying with an impressive 1.8 seconds on the clock; this was after his wife Lynne beat his first time.

Winner Richard said: “I am really excited to be the winner in the RYA bowline competition. There are really no secrets or black magic to the technique, other than nimble fingers. As with many things, the key is to practice and practice more.”

Paul Bayliss, Marketing Operations Manager said: “The Bowline tie competition proved extremely popular throughout the show and it’s clear to see that there is some very swift rope work going on out there.

“It’s also been extremely interesting hearing from our members and new joiners as to why they support the RYA, we may even be using some of the comments we received in future marketing activity.”


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