Ice Marine Santoku first look: Leisure boat features on a special forces hull

Specialist British boat builder Ice Marine is launching a new Santoku range of high-performance 40ft adventure craft.

The hull of the new Ice Marine Santoku range was originally developed for the special forces but has since been adapted for leisure use. The range will include a number of different open and wheelhouse models.

The choice of name is appropriate for the company behind the legendary Bladerunner craft – Santoku is a Japanese chef’s knife, the shape of which resembles the hull’s profile.

Featuring a fine-entry forefoot with a heavily flared bow and an unusually high-freeboard, it should make a formidable offshore weapon.

Ice Marine claims it will have an exceptionally soft, dry ride through the chop as well as secure handling characteristics.

Triple ventilated steps with multiple planing surfaces should also promote efficient performance across a wide range of speeds regardless of payload or centre of gravity.

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To back up its impressive hull credentials, power will come either from a pair of Mercury’s monster 600hp V12 Verado petrol outboards or 440-450hp Volvo Penta or Yanmar diesels on sterndrives.

With outboard power, the lightest open model should have a top speed of up to 70 knots. The heavier cabin models with twin diesel sterndrives should still be good for 50 knots or more. There is also scope for a diesel-electric hybrid variant.

There will be five different Santoku leisure versions – two open designs and three cabin ones – as well as commercial variants.


The enclosed C-PAC version bears overtones of its special forces pedigree

The fastest Speedster model has an open cockpit with four Ullman Echelon shock-mitigation seats behind the helm console and a bench seat and sunpad aft, plus a simple day cabin with heads compartment.

The T-PAC has the same Speedster cockpit layout plus a substantial T-Top and a more sophisticated interior with a proper heads compartment, galley module and four berths – a V-berth in the bow and a transverse double behind the companionway.

For those wanting more weather protection, the C-PAC has a fully enclosed wheelhouse with a rear door and two side doors leading out to walkaround decks, while the C-PAC Wide has a broader wheelhouse but narrower side decks.

Lastly, the CO-PAC has the standard width wheelhouse but is left open at the back. Incidentally, PAC is an acronym for Performance Adventure Craft.

Ice Marine says they are all built to fine tolerances using vinylester resins and multiaxial glass fabrics with carbon fibre reinforcement and foam cores to make them as light and strong as possible.

Prices for the Ice Marine Santoku range start at around £600,000 (ex. VAT). The first hull has already been laminated with deliveries expected to commence next spring.

First published in the May 2022 issue of MBY. 


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