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Honda Marine

As far as we know, the kill cord solution is still the most effective – in that there are no flaws and it works well. We don’t see any need or requirement for another solution which will, in all probability, add cost to the consumer at a point in time where cost is a major consideration.

The point at which a kill cord fails is where it’s improperly used – or not used at all. Thus, as we see it, the problem and its solution lie in education and training.

Honda is the only manufacturer to offer free RYA Level II training with the purchase of any Honda outboard from 50hp upwards. And, as you state in your feature, the importance and correct use of kill cords forms a key part of this training.
We also sponsor the RYA Youth RIB Championship – now in its 12th year – which encourages youngsters to take up boating but crucially, equips them with the skills, training and experience to enable them to enjoy boating in a safe and responsible way.
Note: Regarding comments made in the feature about the risk of litigation preventing manufacturers from replacing the kill cord, we would like to state that this is not the case for Honda. Honda’s core philosophy has always placed importance on the safe use of our products and this is demonstrated by actions such as the offer to customers of free RYA Level II training with the purchase of any Honda outboard from 50hp upwards.

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