Kill cords: the industry and boating bodies respond

Find out where relevant companies and associations stand on the issue of kill cord safety

British Marine Federation

Kill cords are there to protect the boater and when used properly are fit for purpose; they stop the engine when the driver moves away from the controls for whatever reason. In line with the recent MAIB safety bulletin and RYA safety guidance and training, the BMF believes in continually educating and reminding boaters to use the kill cord. We agree with the suggestion of better ­or rather continued training and awareness.
The issue of kill cords was recently discussed by the British Marine Federation’s national council, a representative group of industry members, and it was agreed that raising awareness of the need to wear kill cords and educating boaters is an important focus for both governing bodies and the industry as a whole; by working proactively with our members the BMF will continue to work to ensure this happens.
Going forward, the BMF is supporting the RYA’s current drive to remind everyone driving powerboats and RIBs to wear a kill cord, following the recent publication of the MAIB’s safety bulletin message, and also highlighting best practice. In fact, a safety area is being planned at the forthcoming PSP Southampton Boat Show which will be educational for visitors, giving advice and guidance on a number of boating issues including the use of kill cords. The whole industry needs to work together to take every opportunity to raise awareness and educate boaters to make the use of kill cords as important as wearing a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.

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