Make sure your safety kit gets regular servicing

Have your liferaft inflated and check lifejackets

Marine firm Ocean Safety are running two open days so boaters can check the safety of their on-board emergency kit.

The open days will be held at Ocean Safety’s bases at Southampton and Plymouth over the early spring.

Owners can have their liferaft inflated, as well as ask experts about lifejacket servicing and care.

Ocean Safety say: “It is vital to have a car serviced on a regular basis; this requirement is no different for equipment that can potentially save you or your family’s life at sea.

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“Regular visual inspections can troubleshoot problems as they occur. If there is any concern, the equipment should be taken for professional advice immediately.”

Liferafts must be serviced under the manufacturer’s recommendations, normally every three years, although they should be checked over at a service centre annually to ensure no serious damage has been done over the season.

EPIRBs should be tested regularly for battery life and fire extinguishers should be checked for loss of pressure.
Lifejackets should be checked prior to use for corrosion, an expired or leaky gas bottle and wear and tear.
Jonbuoy inflatable products must also be checked regularly, to check that the firing mechanism is in order and that the gas bottle has not leaked or corroded.

Book an appointment with one of Ocean Safety’s experts and find out about the open days through Katie.
Tel: 44 (0) 23 8072 0800


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