Martini 7.0 concept would leave guests neither shaken nor stirred

California-based Servo Yachts has revealed plans for a radical new supercatamaran with built-in suspension called Martini 7.0

The 165ft carbon composite power-cat rides on articulating legs attached to two plumb-bowed aluminium hulls.

These are free to move independently of each other so they can ride up and down over the waves while the superstructure stays perfectly level up above.

Multiple sensors, including a gyroscope, will provide the necessary data for those suspension legs to be trimmed electronically, countering roll and pitch while keeping the main accommodation pod at a constant height in order to eliminate seasickness.

It is claimed to be capable of running over the sort of seas that would confine conventional vessels to harbour.

In these conditions, the Martini 7.0’s superstructure could rise by up to 12ft (3.6m) to keep it clear of the wave tops.

What’s more, those dynamic hulls should create less drag in rough conditions than a typical power-cat, resulting in better fuel economy.

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As this is still at the concept stage, the engines and sterngear have not yet been specified, but with the right drivetrain it should be capable of a top speed of around 24 knots.

At rest, the hulls and superstructure would nest together to present a much lower and more conventional-looking power-cat profile than its more radical and slightly smaller predecessor, the Martini 6.0.

The Martini 7.0’s main deck has space for up to 10 guests, including a full-beam owners’ cabin forward and four further guest suites.

The saloon and dining area are on the upper deck with a sundeck above that. Despite its svelte looks, there should be plenty of space in the pod as the superstructure extends to the full beam of the hulls and doesn’t need to leave room for any machinery space as the engines, technical equipment and tankage will all be located inside the hulls.

The galley and crew accommodation are on the central lower deck, which also include an aft garage for a 21ft tender and a hi-lo bathing platform.


The smaller, more radical looking Martini 6.0 shows how those articulated hulls ride over the waves

This active-suspension concept has been championed for several years by Servo Yachts’ UK consulting partner, Shuttleworth Design.

It has already developed several designs for craft making use of this active-hull technology.

Servo Yachts sees itself as a technology facilitator, meaning it aims to build proven hull and propulsion platforms, which customers can customise to their own requirements.