MBY’s Derek impressed with Botnia Targa

But the race is taking its toll on him, he admits

As the rest of the fleet was being deafened by growling engine noises, MBY’s Derek Wynans was humming his way along to Queen’s greatest hits in today’s stage of the Round Britain Powerboat Race.

Derek was on board the only production motorcruiser in the race, a Botnia Targa 42 called Buro.

The Belgian-crewed boat has managed an average speed of around 35 knots despite heavy conditions during some of the legs, putting it mid-table in the overall standings.

Derek, 35, from Oban, says: “This is known as the party boat because the guys are always kicking back with a glass of wine and something to eat. They certainly give the impression of being very laid back.

“But underneath they are very professional.

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“They know their stuff inside out. Each day they go over the whole boat with a fine tooth comb. Everything gets checked. That’s why they can be so relaxed.

“While other crews are asking questions, they set everything up in their plotters months ago.

“The conditions today were no bother at all. At 28knots the Targa just punches through everything and keeps on going. It’s a very solid and quiet boat.

“They are one of the few teams that have had no mechanical or electrical breakdowns so far. That says a lot for the quality of the boat.”

When Buro rounded Land’s End the crew put Barry White full volume on the CD player to ‘create an atmosphere’ as they battered through the heavy conditions outside.

During this leg Derek reveals: “We had Barry White of course. Then we got bored of him so we switched to Queen.”

And Derek admits the gruelling regime of the race is taking its toll: “Apparently it’s Saturday. I don’t know what day it is. I have no idea what town I’m in. I’m chatting to people and then realising they’re not who I thought they were. I’m nodding to strangers and ignoring friends.

“Two more legs then I can sleep.”



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